Todd Talbot

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As a theatre professional for twenty-plus years, Todd Talbot is at home on stage and in front of an audience. Looking to grow is online presence and get inspired to blog more often, Todd Talbot was ready for a new online home.

Tood Talbot is a busy man with many different projects and occupations. The main priority for this site was to organize all his content and make it clear and easy for his audience to navigate. The site has a clear grid structure with plenty of white space as not to overwhelm the readers. Mimicking the look and feel of his existing logo the new website is classy and sophisticated, sticking to clean lines, a fancy serif font and a minimal colour palette of mostly white, grey and blacks. All of Todd’s professional imagery brings the layout to life and showcases his fun personality.

The design work displayed here was created while under contract with Goatsocial. The present state of the site may have been modified from its original design and as such may no longer represent the original concept. Shown below is the original site design.  

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