Sew Liberated

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After working with Meg on the branding and design for her newest endevour, The Mindful Wardrobe Project, we decided to give her existing brand, Sew Liberated, a facelift as well. Sew Liberated is Meg's original online businesses, which was one of the first indie pattern brands to emerge from the creating renaissance. Over the years, Sew Liberated has evolved to focus on slow fashion, sustainable practices, and mentoring women to look at their sewing as a practice of self-care.

Since the two brands, Sew Liberated and The Mindful Wardrobe Project, are essentially sister brands, separate but closely related, we didn't have to re-invent the wheel when it came to re-branding it. We used the same typography and style as we had for The Mindful Wardrobe Project and applied it to this brand. We wanted to give it it's own unique twist and decide it should be in the form of an illustrative logo component. With Meg's guidance, we decided the logo icon should be kind of a "screw you, societal norms and fast fashion" vibe, and narrowed it down to an image of a first with scissors. With that direction in mind I had the opportunity to hire on my friend Angie Coates to illustrate this awesome little piece for us.

In addition to the new logo rolling out online and across social media we also gave Sew Liberated sewing pattern packaging a facelift as well, embracing the new brand pieces and typography. Beyond the packaging, all new pattern design instructions have been re-designed to match the new brand as well, embracing some of the illustrative pattern details that are also present across The Mindful Wardrobe Project brand.

Flatlay photography by Alexa Mazzarello

Sew Liberated sewing pattern packaging design for the Estuary Skirt |
New logo design for Sew Liberated featuring a logo mark illustration by Angie Coates |
Typographic details across the Sew Liberated sewing pattern packaging designs |
Sew Liberated new branding and sewing pattern packaging design |
Sew Liberated postcard design and layout for the sewing patterns |
Sew Liberated re-designed sewing pattern instructions for all new sewing patterns featuring the new branding |
Sew Liberated printed sewing pattern packaging design |
Sew Liberated printed sewing pattern packaging design |
Sew Liberated postcard design featuring the new brand |

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