You only get to make
that first impression once.


I want to help you create that happy home for your brand that you can proudly show off – the one that speaks directly to your target audience and shouts, “this is what you’re looking for!”. I like to be super organized and have a ton of processes in place to work through to assure that we both know exactly what we want your brand or product to look like, what we want to achieve with it, how we can get your dream clients attention (trust me, they won’t want to work with anyone else!) and how it will all come together.



Brand design is my jam. It's always a very special experience, getting to know a brand, what they stand for, who their target audience is and what their future plans are and translating all that into a visual language. I'll help you get set up with a new logo, icon, colour story, typographic recommendations, graphic elements, patterns and more.

Editorial Design

Most of my current work is coming to life in an online space, however editorial print design is where my biggest inspiration comes from. Typographic details and image composition is the kind of stuff I get super nerdy about. So whether you need some layout help on or offline, let me know!

Custom Type

Did I already mention that I'm a type nerd?! A few years ago I started exploring hand type and have since included it in a lot of my work. A little hand written quote on a postcard or for your instagram, one off words on your site or other brand materials, it adds a unique personal touch! Browse some of my previous pieces here to get a sense of my style.

Print & More

As great as it is that so much is digital these days, there's no denying how awesome it is to actually physically hold a product; feel the paper, admire the colour. Originally trained as a print designer I know all the in and outs of printed goods, including but not limited to postcards, books, marketing collateral, packaging and more.

Web & Apps

Need someone to design your site or app? Let's get the team together! I've stopped coding to focus on the design side of things, but don't worry, I have a bunch of really great developers that would be happy to jump aboard.

Contract Work

I am also available for collaborations and retainer work with agencies/individuals of any kind. Whether you temporarily need an extra hand or have design projects you need to outsource I'd love to hear from you. Getting to work with brands ongoingly, allowing yourself to get fully immersed, is always great experience.


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