Sarah Mülder

branding, print

Sarah Mulder is a jewelry designer based in Vancouver, BC. Ready to take her visual brand to the next level Sarah reached out to me for a re-brand. Her previous script logo had worked fine over the years but felt a bit dated now and was a bit too complicated and tricky to use at smaller sizes.

The goal of the new logo was to be versatile as her brand grows alongside her forever expanding collections, as well as encompass the bohemian, yet contrary sleek and mysterious vibe of her jewels.

We explored a few different directions for Sarah's wordmark, but in the end choose to move forward with a custom monoline script, echoing her past logo, but giving it a new look and feel. Furthermore, we added the umlaut to her last name, as that's how it's technically pronounced, and as a nod to her Dutch heritage.

Sarah's customers consider the jewelry to be a final touch to their wardrobe, so it was important to us that the logo evoke that same personalized touch, standing strong on its own on a jewelry tag, or being layered graphically with photos and informational content on the web.

Sarah Mülder Vancouver Jewelry Branding Design|

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