Logo Project


I came up with a new offering for all the small businesses and self-employed folk who need branding help, but don't have the budget for my in-depth packages.

It's an opportunity for me to help you with your logo, and have a little fun along the way, designing for the sake of designing, no-strings-attached!


1. Getting started

Feel like your logo is due for a re-fresh or in need of some fine-tuning? Fill out the form below! Once a month, I'll choose someone who has submitted their info and will re-design their logo, with minimal direction, no expectations, brief, timeline or revisions. No strings attached!

2. How it works

Once designed I'll share the final results with you and if you love the logo you can buy it! And if you hate it, that's cool too, I got to have some fun designing and you can just keep doing business as usual with your existing logo.

3. Your new logo

If you want to purchase the logo I designed there's a one-time purchase of $595 (payable in either one or two payments), giving you a final deliverable of your new logo in a handful of formats (eps, jpg, png).

Not a Branding Package

Please note that this is nothing like my usual Branding Package (upwards of $3K), in which I work very closely one-on-one with my clients over a span of eight weeks, including an in-depth discovery phase, competitor and audience evaluation, a thorough revision process, and final deliverables of various logo assets, alongside a branding guide. If you want to learn more about my Branding Packages please visit this page and get in touch here.

Typefaces & More

Typefaces used in the designs may not be freely available and require a license if you choose to purchase the logo. Furthermore, no revisions are included in this process. If you'd like some quick, minimal, edits, or want to further built out the logo (addition of an icon, logo alternate, colours or more) I'd be happy to discuss them and complete them at my regular rates.

Permissions & Payment

By submitting your info you are giving me permission to show off your logo re-brand across my social channels and online portfolio, whether you choose the final design or not.

The final logo files will only be shared once the payment has been made in full, payable via e-transfer or paypal.

Let's get started!

    Please note that not everyone who fills in the form will be chosen for this project. Due to the high volume of inquiries you will only be contacted if I decide to move forward with your specific logo project.

    For all other design project inquires please get in touch via my contact form here.