Layout and editorial design is where I thrive as a designer, it's what I get super nerdy about.

I'm a Vancouver, Canada-based graphic designer with ten plus years of experience. While so much is published in a digital environment these days, editorial print design is where my biggest inspiration comes from and I weave this throughout both my digital and physical designs.


I worked closely with Alicia through my role at Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. We were on a tight and strict timeline to design our first annual report and Alicia was absolutely AMAZING to work with. She was quick to respond, asked all the right questions, and knew exactly what we were looking for (even when we didn't)

How I Can Help

I'm a creative, as well as, a very organized and detail-oriented graphic designer with ten plus years of experience.

I help clients communicate important information in a way that is both clear and visually appealing.

From typographic details and image selection, to how it all comes together on a page, layout design is what I get super nerdy about. So whether you need assistance designing for print or online, I would love to hear more about your next project.

No matter the content, my goal is to make sure your message stands out, not only by creating a visually interesting design but by ensuring the content is easy to understand. Whether you are looking to inform your stakeholders or investors, communicate complex research, or simply share your work, services or products with clients, I'm here to help you break it down and make it shine.

I've worked with clients across a variety of industries who operate both large and small, new and well-established businesses, non-profits and research projects. I've had the opportunity to work closely with project managers, communications and marketing directors, web developers, art directors and more to transform their varying information and projects into professional layouts.

Layout Design Services:
Annual/Research Reports
Editorial + Magazine Design
Books + E-Books
Catalogue + Lookbook Design
Services/Promotional Booklets
& more!

While my job is to be creative, I am equally as proud of my organizational skills. Ultimately all projects are a collaborative effort. It's always important to me that the project scope is carefully laid out, expectations have been outlined, and everyone involved understands the process and next steps at every stage.

You can read more about my super organized processes below.

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As a person that manages budgets and timelines, I needed a designer that could also meet my need for structure and accountability. Alicia exceeded my expectations in every way. I never once felt that I didn’t know where we stood in our project or timeline. I was in love with the clarity in her process from the initial intake form and exploratory documents she provided, to the breakdown of our project timeline. Alicia is simply brilliant and a pleasure to work with.

Lisa Kaulback
Kaulback Productions, Photo Promo


1. Planning

Quality design work takes time, but efficiency is my goal. After we sign all the paperwork I will send you a detailed questionnaire about your brand and what your goal for this design piece is. This way I can get to know you, as well as the target audience, and we can start establishing the visual direction and inspiration for this project (yay, moodboards!).
At this early stage, we also need to determine whether this document will be for print, web or both, and what sizes we are designing for.

2. Content

Before we are able to start designing, we need content to design with as this informs the layout and style of your project. Don't have copy yet? I am happy to put you in touch with professionals if you need guidance before we dive in!
At this point, we will also discuss visuals for your project, compile a list of custom icons, graphs, tables, charts, etc that will need to be created for this project. We can also discuss photography, whether this means sourcing stock photography, working with your brand gallery, or working directly with a photographer.

3. Design

Once all the content is finalized, we can finally start designing. Based on our intake discussions, I will design two to four key spreads of the project to run by you to ensure we are on the same page and moving in the right direction.
Once I have the green light on the initial key spreads, I get to work on the remaining content and come back to you with a fully designed project for review with all the final content and imagery plugged in.

4. Delivery

Undoubtedly, little adjustments will need to be made on our first draft, especially for very copy-heavy documents when a lot of proofreading and fact-checking needs to happen. We will work through two revisions of the project, fine-tuning every last detail.
Lastly, I wrap up all the files and assets, delivering a fully designed PDF for print and/or web. I'm happy to provide recommendations and facilitate communication with printers if necessary and am excited to see your project become a reality!

Timeline & Payment

The timeline of a layout-based project will vary immensely based on the scope and content, but generally, a minimum of an eight-week timeline is to be expected for a small project. Depending on my current schedule and workload I also offer rush fees, just let me know what dates we are working with during our intro chat.

The project cost is usually split into two instalments, a retainer payment made when you book, and final payment made during the revision process. Additional payment plans are available, however, for longer and more comprehensive projects.

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In my experience, the quality of a designer's work is equally important to the quality of experience working with them. Alicia is excellent on both counts — her design work is polished, beautiful and on-brand, and she's also extremely professional and on-the-ball, reducing any guesswork or anxiety in the design process. I highly recommend working with her.

Jeanette Ageson
The Tyee - Various Projects

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    She was professional, organized, and a pleasure to work with. Our final project was thoughtfully and beautifully designed and I owe a lot of that to how collaborative and communicative Alicia was throughout the process.

    Jenny Lee-Leugner
    Neighbourhood Small Grants at Vancouver Foundation

    Our program guide is essentially a catalogue, so it contains a lot of details and information that is a challenge to present and organize. Alicia was able to streamline and modernize the guide and make it easier to read by guiding the eye with a grid system, a consistent layout and a font hierarchy that were not only effective, but beautiful.

    Off-the-bat, I knew that we made the right choice by reaching out to her because she had very thoughtful questions and a collaborative approach to her working style. She listened to us and helped us bring our vision to paper. She is flexible and adaptable to requests, but at the same time, she’s confident in her experience and knowledge and able to push back when she can see a problematic suggestion. Alicia fit into our team seamlessly and was a joy to work with. We can’t wait to hire her for more projects.

    Glenda Ollero

    What makes Alicia above and beyond is her professionalism, communication, and her understanding when our project faced little hiccups or needed a few last minute changes.

    Robyn Smith
    The Tyee Newsletter

    We hired Alicia to work on a print and web ready annual report for us. We wanted something new and exciting and she delivered 100%. She is very easy to work with, and very fast to respond and send revised items. I really like that she creates a project calendar and that she is serious about sticking to it -- it really made working on this complex project a lot easier. She is very organized but also very creative.

    Aurora (confirm)