Hermit & Anemone

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Hermit & Anemone is a creative collaboration between fashion designer Jordanna Hardy and photographer Tehya MacKenzie. Using intriguing mirrored photography these two ladies have come together to create a line of beautifully crafted scarfs.

Having launched a collection last fall to test the waters the ladies behind Hermit & Anemone contacted me, ready to give their new venture a proper logo and branding package. Hermit & Anemone is a luxury brand, stylish, sharp, minimal, fashion forward, with enough confidence to fully embrace itself and also be a tad weird.

Knowing they wanted to expand their collection of scarfs to men’s products in the future it was really important that the new brand be a fine line between feminine and androgynous. The main goal of the new brand was to look effortlessly minimal and airy, much like the photographs of the first collection, but with a twist. The type is a simple sans serif which has been customized and simplified. Little quirks are subtly added in, such as the right alignment of the stacked logo and the playfulness in the abstract letter pattern. The O is cropped off in a subtle, legible way, echoing the shape and feel of a shell. Locally made in Vancouver, the shell imagery is not the only reference to location. The cool colour scheme of blues and greens reflects the ocean and forrest of the west coast and the watercolour pattern throughout the printed materials is reminiscent of the ocean’s waves and anemone’s patterns. Additionally, we created a hexagon pattern to be added to branding materials, since the hexagon shape was a major visual key in the first collection and something the brand plans to carry on with in the future.

The re-brand included a logo, icon, colour scheme, pattern, graphic elements, type hierarchy and branding guide.

Hermit & Anemone fashion scarfs, Vancouver BC. Branding and custom watercolour | www.alicia-carvalho.com

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