Focus Journal

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The team at L'Atelier Coworking came to me with an idea: design a journal to make work feel better, after all, planning should be easy and not take longer than executing your actual tasks.

Through a collaborative effort, a lot of research, test groups, many revisions and a very successful Kickstarter campaign The Focus Journal came to life! The journal is meant to be used as a daily tool to help you get your tasks outlined, increase your productivity, clear your mind and remind you to prioritize on self-care.

Although the journal may appear super simple, so much detail and intention went into the design of every element. The Focus Journal is meant for the contemporary worker, someone who doesn't fit into the 9-5, Monday-Friday box of the old-school workplace. One of the main goals was to strip down the design to its bare bones, making it as easy, and also as flexible as possible. The design elements act as a guide to your thought process while giving you the freedom to use the planner as best suits your way of thinking and planning. Therefore the design, while an important aid, is primarily invisible and non-distracting to the tasks at hand. The result is a high quality, functional productivity tool that makes work better.

The logo icon for The Focus Journal furthermore encompasses all that the product stands for: simplicity, focus, efficiency, and minimalism. The abstract F monogram is made up of the main graphic elements in the journal; a carefully laid out grid of lines and dots to make your planning effortless and successful.

A further expanded and improved version 2.0 of The Focus Journal will be released later this year.

The Focus Journal By L'Atelier Co-Working Branding and Design By Alicia Carvalho  |

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