Financially Fit

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Stocks for the Week believes that everyone deserves simple, straightforward access to stock suggestions based on solid, statistical recommendations. They created their signature stock investing algorithm, which has been implemented in their desktop and phone apps.

Financially Fit in 30 Days is one of their initiatives, addressing financial literacy in underserved communities. The six week program is summarized in this booklet as a pitch to a NGO working with low income, african american communities.

The design of the booklet was presented to the board and needed to contain all the information and program details in a simple, easily scannable manner. The existing look and feel of the app was translated to this printed piece, accompanied by lots of photography to liven up the content. Many quotes and tid-bit facts that are part of the program are highlighted throughout the pages to reinforce the concept.

The design work displayed here was created while under contract with Goatsocial.

Stocks for the Week Financially Fit informational printed book |

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