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Filosophi is a Vancouver based, yet internationally working, wedding and event planning company. Filosophi calls itself "the cure for the common wedding", ready to help it's clients feel at ease in what can be a very overwhelming process of wedding planning.

Wanting to stand out in an oversaturated market of pink and purple, calligraphy styled wedding logos, we decided to really dig into what the Filosophi brand stands for. One thing that became very clear when I started working with Erin was that the Filosophi brand didn't have "one look or style". Instead, Filosophi's style is personalization, whatever each wedding couple envisions for their special day. With this in mind, we created a timeless logo, simple and minimal, yet approachable. Using primarily photography to show off the brands work it was important that the brand assets be minimal in style, but still stand out without distracting when paired with photography. The colour palette primarily uses a dark navy blue, a naturally calming colour, that also symbolizes experience and professionalism, contrasted by a lighter blue and minty green to lighten things up.

The final logo, while minimal, also has additional variations, with a tagline, established date, and another version with a small mountain icon, a nod to the beautiful outdoors of the west coast, home base of Filosophi.

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