Danielle Tocker

branding, layout

Danielle Tocker is an experienced lifestyle and editorial photographer based out of Regina Saskatchewan. Danielle approached me for a brand overhaul, hoping to step up her game branding-wise, aiming to show off her friendly personality and delivering a more focused experience for her clients.

Previously Danielle was using a very basic logo and struggled to create visuals that appealed to family and wedding inquiring clients, as well as her more commercial and corporate clients. Through a thorough brand discovery phase, I learned that Danielle really lets her personality shine when completing a job. She is cheerful and approachable, honest and playful regardless whether it be a lifestyle or a commercial shoot.

The new logo captures Danielle's enthusiastic approach to her work. The sans serif type has friendly, rounded features, set in all lower case, with little quirks throughout the wordmark. The main brand colours are warm and inviting, further welcoming new clients.

While the new logo is on the more playful side, it can easily be paired with a clean, minimal design to pitch to more corporate clients, while still shining with energy and passion.

With a new brand guide in place, outlining her new logo assets and how to use them, exact colour codes, recommended typefaces and a type hierarchy guide, Danielle was able to apply her new brand beautifully to her new web template.


Danielle Tocker Photography  Branding and Logo Design | www.alicia-carvalho.com

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