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Tomasz Wagner

Tomasz Wagner, award-winning wedding photographer and videographer reached out to me to collaborate on some of his more recent client work. He was looking to add some custom type to the wedding videos he creates. We quickly decided that we didn’t want to go super calligraphy-wedding-ish since it doesn’t necessarily match his brand or audience. Instead, we took a more fun and contemporary approach.

Below are some of the screenshots of the watercolour type pieces we've created over the years. For the full effect, make sure to visit his site and watch his videos.

I Love Wednesdays

Over the years I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Len, Australia based photographer and founder of I Love Wednesdays on various custom type pieces and quotes for her website and client albums. Len's brand is bright, joyful and fun, so we made sure to create pieces that are as dynamic and happy as she is.

The Story Of Jacques Prevert

A story about storytelling. I worked in collaboration with Staggering Media to create custom type pieces for a storytelling piece.

Great stories build relationships and make people care. Marketing is not about the stuff you sell, it’s about the stories you tell. The video features recruiting executives and thought leaders at this year’s CIMC conference, who tell the story of Jacques Prevert – a tale that illustrates the value and power of storytelling.

You can view the full video here.

Just For Fun

Miscellaneous type pieces I've created just for fun, either random ideas, thoughts, quotes, seasonal items or card ideas.

Layton Reid

I worked with photographer Layton Reid to create a few custom type pieces for his website. He was looking to showcase a few of his favourite weddings and wanted to add some visual interest to the thumbnails by layering on some typography.

We quickly narrowed down the style he was going for and I created two type options for each couple for him to choose from. Some of the options are shown below.

Woman 2 Warrior

In collaboration with the lovely team over at Reformation PR, I created a custom type piece for the 2015 Woman2Warrior’s campaign, which raises money for the Easter Seals BC camps for children with disabilities.

There is a warrior in the heart of every woman. She is strong, she is determined and she is powerful. To add a feminine touch to the otherwise powerful message the type was created with watercolours in a calligraphic style.

Besides being for sale at the race the t-shirts were sent to local bloggers ahead of time, who shared the message on their social media outlets (screenshots shown below) to make people aware of the upcoming race.


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