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In collaboration with Zg Stories I was contacted by The Carol Shields Prize For Fiction. The Carol Shields Prize for Fiction is a major English-language literary award celebrating creativity and excellence in fiction by women and non-binary writers in the United States and Canada. Their main goal is to put the work of women and non-binary writers in the spotlight, through charitable grants, mentorships, literary awards and more.

Note: most imagery used (author profiles and book covers) are for placeholder content only.

The Carol Shield Prize For Fiction Logo + Brand Re-Fresh |

Brand Re-fresh

Carol Shields Prize For Fiction already had an established and recognizable logo, but no proper brand otherwise. We reviewed the brand in it's current state and gave everything that surrounded the logo a re-fresh. The re-fresh included an extended colour palette, a detailed type hierarchy guide, and specific directions and examples on how to apply everything in a new brand guideline.

Since the logo was to remain the same, the bright brand blue had to be a key component of the new colour palette. In the past the brand made use of a lot of tints or grey, purple, and select pinks. Wanting to remain inclusive and reflect it's values, the new colour scheme wasn't supposed to feel too feminine or gender specific.

We decided to keep a light and dark grey as a foundation for bolder colours to be added, and changed the previous purple to a neutral navy colour. These colours now make up the foundation of the brand, with a secondary palette of mint, orange, cranberry and light lilac to add lively highlights. As one can see in the additional design pieces, it was important to set a specific role for the primary and seconday colour palette, to ensure the brand can grow cohesively, while still having variety to play with colours and details across different media.

Carol Shields Prize For Fiction Brand Icon, Brand Re-Fresh by Alicia Carvalho Design | by
The Carol Shield Prize For Fiction Brand Re-Fresh, brand expansion, colour theory and type hierarchy | by
Social Media Templates

After the new typer hierarchy and colour palettes were in place it was time to put it all to the test, by creating a whole suite of social media post templates. The Carol Shields Prize knows it's brand well and was able to clearly communicate their content outlines and how the design templates need to support it.

Making use of all the new visual language we created templates with very specific outlines, each available in a handful of colour variations for optimal variety.

Carol Shields Prize For Fiction Brand Icon, Brand Re-Fresh by Alicia Carvalho Design | by
The Carol Shields Prize For Fiction, Brand Re-Fresh and Social Media Templates  | by

Printed Materials

Lastly, we designed some printed materials such as shelf-talkers, table tent cards and most importantly, a suite of badges for their annual literary award, for short-, long-listed and winning authors and books. These are round printed stickers that can be placed onto books, but can also double as digital badges for authors.

The Carol Shields Prize For Fiction Winner, Longlist and Shortlist Badge Sticker Design | by

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