Let's take your brand
to the next level.


I want to help you create that happy home for your brand that you can proudly show off –
the one that speaks directly to your target audience and shouts, “this is what you’re looking for!”.


Brand design is my jam. It's always a very special experience, getting to know a brand, what they stand for, who their target audience is and what their future plans are and translating all that into a visual language.

I'm here to help you get your visual inspiration organized, dig deep into who your audience is and make sure we are speaking to them directly and ultimately designing all the pieces to ensure you have a strong brand and cohesive that will take you the distance.

You can read more about my super organized processes below.

To the right is a short outline of what a Basic Branding package includes. If you need additional elements, such as patterns, business cards, social graphics etc, no worries, we can add that on.

Basic Branding packages usually take about 6-8 weeks and payment is split into two instalments, one when you book, one right before we launch.

Brand Strategy

Primary + Secondary Logo

Logo Icon/Mark

Colour Palette

Type Hierarchy

Detailed Brand Guide

Irit Sorokin Jewelry Design Branding



Quality design work takes time, but efficiency is my goal. After we sign all the paperwork I will send you a detailed questionnaire where we will dig into the nitty gritty-ness of your brand; who your brand is, who it is targeting, what services it offers, etc.


All the info from the previous step is summarized and compiled into a brandstory guide, cover things such as brand mission, target audience, visual inspiration (yay moodboards!). This will serve as the baseline and direction for our designs and ensure that we are all on the same page moving forward.


Then the real fun stuff beings! I get to work and explore various designs based on the previously determined direction. Through this process, I narrow down the one or two best, most focused design concepts, which I will present through a detailed PDF presentation.


Since the previous steps are super throughout we'll nail your vision quickly. Undoubtedly little adjustments will need to be made. We will work through two revisions of the presented concept, figure out what's working well and where there may be further opportunity for growth.

Built Out

As we are finalizing the logo details we'll also narrow down the colour story and type hierarchy. If your brand requires additional design elements, such as patterns or graphics or business cards we will tackle those next.


Lastly, I wrap up all the files, handing over a comprehensive brand guide summarizing all your new brand details, as well as various different file formats of your visual assets, for both print and web (as well as a bunch of square graphics for your social media profiles), so you can start applying your new brand right away.


I'm ready to step up my brand
and all the assets to back it up!