January 4, 2020

Logo & Branding Design – Recap 2019

Following my posts from previous years, here is a post dedicated to some of the logo and branding projects I worked on in 2019. Over the past few years, my business has changed a bit, focusing more on all things editorial and layout based design. While this was a direction I consciously made and while I am loving all the projects I get to work on these days, I can't help but also feel a little sad that that's meant taking on less branding projects. On the other hand, I also feel like it makes the branding projects that I choose to take on all the more special!

The Mindful Wardrobe Project Logo and Branding Design | www.alicia-carvalho.com

The Mindful Wardrobe Project

One of my favourite things is when I can work with clients on their businesses on an on-going basis. Early last year I started working with Meg from Sew Liberated. She was in process of launching her new course and workbook, The Mindful Wardrobe Project, a handmade journey in self-care and sustainability.
The Mindful Wardrobe Project intends to take the overwhelm out of the crafting process by focusing on making clothing we feel good about wearing. A wardrobe that is cohesive, sustainable, made with love and intention, clothes that honour our bodies and planet.
Although this brand has launched I haven't had a chance to add it to my portfolio quite yet, so I'll keep this short. The Mindful Wardrobe Project is a mouthful of a name so we aimed to keep the logotype simple and minimal. The circle around the logo was inspired by vintage clothing tags and stamps, created in a brushed pen style to show off the handmade aspect of the brand's mission. The above is just a tiny glimpse into the final brand. We added a whole colour and type system, as well as patterns and lots of little hand illustrated icons to bring the brand to life.
Since working with Meg on this new businesses branding I also designed her 90+ workbook, a handful of worksheets, as well as many more assets for her Sew Liberated brand (more details below). It's been an amazing collaboration and I'm excited to further build on this brand in the year ahead. Stay tuned for a full feature of this project in my portfolio in a few months!

Alexa Mazzarello Vancouver Photographer Wordmark, Logo and Branding Design | www.alicia-carvalho.com

Alexa Mazzarello

2019 brought a lot more collaborative projects with Alexa Mazzarello, including giving her existing branding a mini re-design. Over the past year and a bit Alexa's focus had slightly changed and her brand was feeling a little all over the place. We got together and reviewed all her current and past assets, evaluating what still felt right and what felt off.
Overall her colours and logo icon stayed, but we re-did her logo and type hierarchy, focusing on a strong clean and consistent look moving forward. The new logo wordmark is clean and simple, to the point, with tall features and pointy edges. It works well in a variety of formats and layers nicely onto photographs, covering all of Alexa's brand needs.

Sew Liberated Branding and Logo Design | www.alicia-carvalho.com

Sew Liberated

After designing the Mindful Wardrobe Project brand for Meg we decided to give her original brand, Sew Liberated, a quick facelift as well. Sew Liberated was one of the first indie sewing pattern companies to emerge online from the crafting renaissance. The brand has a huge online following and evolved beyond just selling patterns to focus on slow fashion, sustainable practices, and mentoring women to look at their sewing as a practice of self-care.
While focusing on different products and services, the two brands are essentially sisters. We decided to keep the type across the two brands's the same, but added a visual logo icon to the brand to portray a "screw you, societal norms and fast fashion" kind of feel, portraying a fist with scissors.
Knowing fully well that illustrating hands is not my strong suit I worked together with my friend Angie Coates, founder and designer of the Five 15, to bring this vision to life. 

Vauhus Online Publication Logo, Wordmark and Branding Design | www.alicia-carvalho.com


Vauhus is a new online publication, launching in 2020. The website is currently under development. Since it hasn't launched yet I won't share any further details beyond this logo variation quite yet. Stay tuned!

Hennygraphy Vancouver Photographer Logo, Wordmark and Branding Design | wwww.alicia-carvalho.com


I wrapped up a branding project for local photographer Hennygraphy right before the holidays, so technically this hasn't launched yet but I wanted to share a very quick sneak peek at the final logo. I'll share more about this project when it launches, details of how Henny's unique style inspired the logomark and type details throughout the brand.

That sums up some of my top branding projects for 2019! For 2020 I would love to continue working on branding projects, finding a good balance between branding and layout based editorial projects.

If you are curious as to what goes into my branding design process you can learn more here. Or get in touch directly via my contact page over here.

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May 30, 2019

Red Chef Revival

Award-winning film production company Black Rhino Creative reached out to me to create some visuals for their new documentary series Red Chef Revival. The series is an intimate food and travel show exploring modern Indigenous cuisine, through the eyes of three chefs; New York Times featured, Cezin Nottaway, Top Chef finalist, Rich Francis and Chopped finalist Shane Chartrand. Using food as their access point, these chefs discover a new path to reconciliation. Red Chef Revival features ingredients you won't find in any cookbooks, like bison heart, beaver tail, moose nose, seal and cougar. More than a cooking show, this is a people’s story on a plate.

Logomark and Poster for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com

Our creative collaboration started out with me creating a brush-lettered logo for the series. The series is dark and raw, so we aimed to have the logomark reflect this, creating a piece that is rough and bold, high in contrast while ensuring it still stays legible.

While Black Rhino Creative was getting the series ready to launch I also created a few additional pieces for them, including promotional posters, graphics that come up throughout the show, as well as a colour scheme and type hierarchy to apply towards any and all copy, such as titles, lower thirds and credits. I summed up everything in a quick guide which the team was then able to reference and adapt as needed.


Custom map graphics for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
Cezin Nottaway Poster for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
Shane Chartrand Poster for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
Rich Francis Poster for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
Cezin Nottaway Poster for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
Custom brush logomark for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
Type and colour hierarchy for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
Custom Map for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
Type and colour hierarchy for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
Type and colour hierarchy for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
Custom brush logomark for award winning documentary series Red Chef Revival by Black Rhino Creative | www.alicia-carvalho.com
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December 30, 2018

Layout Design – Recap 2018

Following my previous post, Logo & Branding Design Recap of 2018, here is a post dedicated to some of the layout projects of the past year.

Having the opportunity to design so many layout based projects in 2017 was a huge achievement for me, a major goal I had set for myself the previous year. I've further refined my layout design processes and quotes, figuring out how to best tackle these oftentimes large scale projects to make the process easy for my clients and myself. Since they are usually intense, large-scale projects, I'm happy to share that I have two major ones in the works right now, launching mid-2019! In the meantime, below are a few that were extra fun to work on in 2018.

Wagner&Co Wedding Videography Branding and Web Design | www.alicia-carvalho.com

Wagner&Co Website

Last year I worked with past-client and talented friend Tomasz Wagner on branding a new project, Wagner&Co. Since 2013 Tomasz has been photographing and filming weddings across the globe, but in more recent years his team of videographers has grown and it was time that the videography services get their own little home.
After branding the new business we spent the past year designing the new site and getting it developed. Through a few ups and downs and plenty of creative challenges, the site recently launched and I am beyond proud of how it's come together. Dare I say it might be my proudest work of 2018?!
Tomasz and Amy are the best to work with. They've been in the industry long enough to know what is out there, what has been done, and how they want to make their own mark. Staying true to who their brand is they come up with the best creative and design-driven ideas and concepts, never boring, always challenging, while keeping an eye on all the details. Super thankful they continuously trust me to work on projects with them.
The above image does not do the site any justice, I highly encourage you to hop on your desktop and browse through the site www.wagnerandco.film

UBC UNA Publication Winter Cover Design | www.alicia-carvalho.com

Winter Program Cover Design

Exciting new client alert! Over the past few months, I've been working with the UBC Neighbourhood Association (UNA). They reached out to me to re-design their Program Guide for the two community centres they manage. We started off by conceptualizing the theme for the three covers of the guide for 2019. Keeping the location and natural beauty of Vancouver in mind we drew inspiration from the seasons and landscape. The above is the first of three covers, the winter issue, taking inspiration from Vancouver's mountain skyline and cold, rainy, but still beautiful winter days.
Wanting to take the overall design and aesthetic to the next level the cover illustration is actually created from a textual paper collage which I put together and then digitized. The other two covers have already been designed as well, but I'll hold off on sharing those until they get published. And as if this wasn't exciting enough, we are currently in the process of re-designing the inside of the guide!

Jackie Dives Photography Promo Poster Design | www.alicia-carvalho.com

Jackie Dives Promo Poster

I'd been following Vancouver-based photographer Jackie Dives' work for the past few years and was beyond excited when she reached out to me! Jackie wanted to send out some promo pieces to a variety of local news agencies and brands who may be interested in working with her. Since her clients are quite varied we decided to design two separate posters, each focusing on different categories of her work, and each laid out with that specific audience in mind.
The above poster showcases Jackie’s work that focuses on social justice issues through the lens of the female gaze. Together we narrowed down a selection of photos to lay out on the poster in a more free-flowing, collage style grid.
You can view the other poster we designed over here.

Kara Yoo Jewelry Lookbook and Layout Design | www.alicia-carvalho.com

Kara Yoo Lookbooks

It's no secret that playing with layout design, photography and grid structures is one of my favourite type of projects. Kara Yoo, a Vancouver based jewellery designer, got in touch with me to design digital lookbooks for her two 2018 Fall collection releases.

The design is dynamic as you scroll throughout, varying the sizes of photographs to keep the viewer interested, while ensuring the products are large and front and centre.

The layout was primarily put together for the website for wholesalers and customer to browse and shop from. The design is flexible enough that each section can be broken down on its own, featuring one product at a time, adaptable to different formats for social media, newsletters, print and more.

You can view both full lookbooks over here.

Gestalt Therapist Printed Promo Card Design | www.alicia-carvalho.com

Gestalt Therapist Promo Postcard

I got to design a few little promo pieces for my mom this year! She's been furthering her career path, getting into Gestalt Therapy. In order to make connections with local professionals, schools and ultimately, finding consulting clients, I designed a little logo mark for her, alongside a business card and the above flyers. Living in Portugal, yet working at a German school, while also being proficient in English we needed to design a piece that was functional and could be easily adapted to different languages. The layout is broken up in vertical and horizontal sections, leading your eye across the information, with each side of the card featuring a different language.

Simon Fraser University Annual Report 2017 Layout Design | wwww.alicia-carvalho.com

SFU Annual Report

I got to work with Simon Fraser University again this year! Though some might think it's boring, designing research reports makes me so happy. This fall I worked with the Ombudsman Office to visually lay out the 2017 annual report. The report featured varying pieces of information, requiring different styles, with a handful of informative data, visually displayed through bar graphs, pie charts and circle graphs, as well as a front and back cover design. Fingers crossed for more SFU work in 2019!

Flurt Magazine Comprehensive Brand Guideline Design and Creation | www.alicia-carvalho.com

Flurt Brand Guide

In late 2017 I started working with FLURT magazine, completely re-designing their magazine. The goal was to test the new design across a few issues, revise and improve as needed and then hand over the project to a new, junior designer to carry out future issues.
With it being a volunteer position, it was hard to know who would be taking over the design role in the future. Wanting to set up the new person for success I put together a 50+ page comprehensive brand guide for the magazine. What colours to use how and where, type hierarchy, photography specs, layout, specifically the grid, cover guidelines and so much more. It was a big job, but also very satisfying, seeing how a design I had worked on so hard stood the test of time and was flexible and dynamic enough to live on for many more issues to come.
As I was working on this I also started reading Paula Scher's book by Unit Editions (very highly recommend it!!). In it she says that brand guidelines are essentially useless. If you pass on a project to a good designer, they will know what to do, how to follow the brand image, building upon it in the right diretcion. However, if you pass along a project to a bad designer, it doesn't matter how good your brand guideline is, the designer is still a bad designer. While working hard to get this brand guidline finished, I couldn't help but laugh and agree!! However, passing on a project to a junior designer, you gotta have some faith, and hope that the comperhensive guideline you just spent hours putting together will help guide them and they'll learn from it!

True Leaf Pets Infographic designed for Pineapple Collective | www.alicia-carvalho.com

True Leaf Pets

Over the summer I designed a multi-piece infographic for a Pineapple Collective client, True Leaf Pets.
With the increasing popularity, and also increasing confusion, of CBD related products, True Leaf Pets wanted to a few informational graphics for their clients.
We created three long-format pieces, covering the difference between hemp and cannabis, the difference between hemp oil and CBD for your pet, as well as how to find the right product for your pet.
As much as possible we tried to make the content heavy pieces as visual as possible, heavily focusing on type hierarchy and breaking up different sections, to make the information easily scanable. The design of the three pieces also utilizes different background colours and textures throughout the varying sections, making it easy for the long graphic to be broken down into smaller sections, for presentation slides, handouts and social media.

FLURT Magazine Publication and Layout Design | wwww.alicia-carvalho.com

Flurt Magazine

As previously mentioned, since late 2017, I had a chance to completely re-haul the design of FLURT magazine, testing and improving it over four issues, before passing it along to a junior designer.
Despite having a basic logo, colour scheme and go-to typefaces in place, the overall layout of the magazine was very amateur; inconsistent type styles and a non-existing grid structure throughout the pages. When I joined the team my job was to review the overall brand mission and assets, re-evaluate some of the previous design directions, elevate and expand the typography, streamline graphic styles and create an interesting yet consistent grid system across the various sections.
The Fall 2017 issue launched with the brand new design with a lot of positive feedback and increased purchases and digital downloads across the community.
If you are curious to see some more of the inside pages, I posted a little re-cap over here.

That sums up some of my top design projects for 2018! I already have some exciting projects in the works for 2019 and am looking forward to whatever else may come my way. My spring schedule is quickly filling up, but I still have a few openings. Get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

If you are curious as to what goes into my layout design process you can learn more here. Or get in touch directly via my contact page over here.

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