September 24, 2013

zara mini

Zara Minis |

I just came across the Zara mini’s collection and felt like I needed to share it. Over the past year I’ve taken a great interested and appreciation for photo styling. Although I absolutely love colours and patterns I have also started to really enjoy combinations of neutrals, like grey and whites, alongside textural natural elements, like wood or paper.

Zara Minis |

This mini’s look book showcases the best of both with it’s simple lines, quality use of white space and a relaxed layout and placement of the items themselves. It doesn’t scream fashionably fake and trendy, but instead easy and perfectly minimalistic.

Zara Minis |

It must be so much fun to work on a look book like this; gathering all the inspiration behind the items, determining the look and feel you are going for and what the story is you are trying to tell, finding the props and finally setting up, testing different shots and angles and and photographing it all.

Zara Minis |

My current dream project would be work with a jewellery or fashion designer to help them tell the story behind their products. This being said, if there is anyone out there in this field looking for a designer feel free to head over to my contact page and get in touch :)

What are some companies you enjoy for their look books? What make your little eyeballs happy?

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September 25, 2013


I love Zara’s styling this season, but hadn’t seen the mini stuff – the styling is so so gorgeous, love all these little crafty details!
I’d love to work on something like this one day too :)

I am always obsessed with Zara’s campaigns. Neutrals are my jam, and I wouldn’t expect anything other than awesomeness from their “mini” line. I’ve been seeing these photos pop up on pinterest. I really dig them!

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