March 13, 2013

wire typography

I noticed this beautiful alphabet by Dan Hoopert popping up on a few blogs last week and had to post it myself. So very airy, light and delicate. I love all the different dynamic lines that are created within the letterforms, each has their own little intricate geometric pattern. It almost makes me think of something architecture related, like a blueprint for a bridge.

Dan Hoopert Typography

I could totally see a few of these letters spell out some short word on a nice living room wall. What word would you spell out?

Dan Hoopert Letters

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March 13, 2013


I’ve no idea what I’d spell out, but totally loving this lettering!

Isn’t it the best?! The letters are so intricate they stand very powerfully alone too. Even just putting up your initial would be too cool.

Wow, this is pretty amazing! It is so unique and intricate, I love every little detail. Now I have to think of something to spell…..

yes! i saw this a little while ago somewhere else, absolutely love it, it’s so beautiful!

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