February 21, 2014

winter blues

Winter Blues. Watercolour art therapy | www.alicia-carvalho.com/blog

The days are starting to get longer and the sunshine is coming out more often, but nonetheless it’s still cold, windy and even rainy outside. I always feel like February is the hardest month of the year. You sort of put up with winter from October-December. January rolls around and you’re distracted by the fact that it’s a new year and you focus on a bunch of new resolutions. Suddenly you look at your calendar, it’s February, and you realize summer is still not in sight. Luckily March is just around the corner, I am hoping it will bring lots of sunshine and warmer days with it.

I recently bought some tubed watercolours, as opposed to the solid palettes. It’s definitely a different feel and I am having fun experimenting with it (see above). Nothing like a little bit of watercolour art-therapy to lift your spirits, right?

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February is typically very hard for me as well but this month I’ve gotten a little bit better. I’m worried that I might hit my slump in March so here’s to beating the winter blues!

I hope you skip it all together. Hopefully March will have much sunshine and warmth :)

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