April 21, 2014

wheel throwing

Wheel throwing class #1, my first mugs and vases | www.alicia-carvalho.com/blog

A few weeks ago I finished up my wheel throwing class. I had so much fun exploring creativity outside of the computer and getting my hands dirty with clay. I won’t lie, the learning process of wheel throwing can, as anything that is new to you, be a bit frustrating. It takes a lot of practice to get the right feel for it. First up you need to be able to properly centre your pieces on the wheel. Then you need to be able to bring it up evenly. If you’ve kind of managed those first steps you still need to form your piece and later on trim it. It wasn’t always easy and I am by no means a pro at it but I enjoyed it. I’m busy planning a few summer weekend get-aways so wheel throwing number 2 is on hold, however I am hoping to take another class in the fall.

One of my favourite parts of the class was actually the glazing process. The glazes you apply to your clay actually end up looking COMPLETELY different once they get fired. Although you can look at samples and attempt to plan a little, the results will definitely be a surprise. I love the different effects you can achieve, depending on how long you dip your pieces for and how you overlay them onto each other.

Here are a few pictures of some of my favourite little awkwardly shaped mugs and vases. They are totally useable such is awesome, just a little small! When I take this class again I am hoping to get a few decent sized coffee mugs going. Sorry the last picture is blurry. It was the only one I had of that vase and I didn’t want to go out and re-shoot it again, in different lighting. I especially love the colour combo of the neutrals underneath the blue.

I’ve dedicated a whole Pinterest board to pottery and ceramics pieces if you are looking for some inspiration!

Wheel throwing class #1, my first mugs and vases | www.alicia-carvalho.com/blog Wheel throwing class #1, my first mugs and vases | www.alicia-carvalho.com/blog Wheel throwing class #1, my first mugs and vases | www.alicia-carvalho.com/blogWheel throwing class #1, my first mugs and vases | www.alicia-carvalho.com/blog

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These are so lovely! Love how each piece is different and unique – they’re so gorgeous! My grandfather was a potter and I remember using his pottery wheel when I was little, soo much fun! But would love to try it again!

You should! I highly recommend it :)

I can’t get over how good these all look!!! Well done girl!!

Thanks Heylen :) next time I’m aiming for slightly bigger mugs :p

I took a pottery class when I was very young- too young where the whole teacher didn’t want all of us kids using the wheel, but I think in one class I was allowed to because I stayed late or something? It was SO hard! lol, I don’t even remember what I was making, some sort of pot or vase, but it got all uneven, and I went to fast and it ended up in a clump in my hand! I haven’t tried it since, but I know how much fun physical art can be as opposed to digital. It’s a nice break!
I always liked the glaze process, too… Looking through all the samples and imagining my piece in that result. Really fun!

Love these pieces above… great inspiration! :)

I hear you! When you watch someone with experience it looks so easy, but it definitely takes a lot of practice.

These are so beautiful, Alicia! I’ve been thinking of taking a wheel throwing class myself. May I ask where you did yours?

Hey Amy :) I did it at the Douglas Park Community centre since it’s right by my house. They offer classes at Yale Town and False Creek CC too I believe. If you decide to take a class let me know, I definitely want to do one again sometime and wouldn’t mind trying out a different teacher.

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