August 18, 2011

we’re not lost, we’re on our way!

Andy, Bob Dylan and I roadtripped from Kamloops to Penticton last weekend. It was fun. Roadtrips are awesome. Here’s some shots of the drive. I seem to be into a very vintage-analog style lately when it comes to post production. I love it, however I’m not sure if other people do. Is it just a style I have a crush on that’ll fade away in a few weeks or is it something that will stick around? I really don’t know. My head is full of loud, bright and colorful fireworks shooting off into different directions.
Feedback is very welcomed. Thanks!

toes on the dashboard

it’s not actually fresh, it no longer smells

note where Andy’s foot is, girl is flexible!

timmy h iced coffee, had so many of these last week

bare legs reflection


crotch-shot: I love this photo
singing (probably this tune)

hi beautiful lake

butt road in westbank

she pretty

umm….where we goin?

beautiful calm driving

dead bugs


it says Penticton on the hill

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I love it! Roadtrips are amazeballs :) Love the vintage look too. I’ll give you better feedback asap. Love you Edie WANGER!!


August 18, 2011


snaks, butt road, 20th from top are my favorites. the vintage (magenta dominace) works.close memories fading away.present thet is already’s good.

Dear Summer,

Please come back soon. Thanks.

Love Andy


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