March 4, 2012


Violet Children's Book by Alicia Carvalho

Violet is a kids book I illustrated while attending art school as part of one of my classes. My mom had recently started writing and had a story. Originally in german, I translated it into english and started brainstorming. I have a huge soft spot for collages and everything DIY. I wanted this book to be one of a kind with a very tactile and colourful feel, very much inspired by Eric Carle.

The illustrations are all hand done, composed out of paper of varying colours, patterns and textures. Once a page was put together it got scanned, touched up and overlayed with text. It took lots of work and patience, a few pages had to be done and re-done a few times, however it is one of my favorite portfolio pieces and I very much look forward to doing further illustrations (or maybe even books) in this style.

I have finally gotten around to getting a few copies online for purchase. To save money on shipping costs and whatnot you can order it directly off of Lulu, in english or even in german (Violeta). The english version is also available in e-book format here. If you happen to be in Vancouver and wish to purchase a copy sent me an e-mail to save money on shipping costs!

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The kids book is about Violet; a beautiful little girl who faces her fears by going from “I don’t want to” to “I try” and her animal friends who accompany her on this journey. The intention of this book is to encourage little children to be curious and to explore new experiences; to reassure them when they are facing their fears.

The author wants to enhance the parents´ understanding for the fear of failure in children, when they express their refusal to try “simple” tasks they have to face. Children learn by using their senses in order to grow. In the story, Violet was able to explore her senses for the first time, therefore the book was designed in a very tactile manner.

To view of more of my past design and photography work don’t forget to check out my portfolio site.

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