August 22, 2011

vintage inspirations

I am very inspired by film photography. It’s really something quite special. I love the look, feel and style it has. When I was home I came across my moms old childhood photo album. It has really inspired me in recent photo editing.

gotta love the black and white

love the vinatge fashion baby doll dress. 

I believe there’s a similar photo of me at this age, refusing to smile at the camera. 

my grandma really wanted two boys so until my mom and aunt were about 10 they always had short hair. 
I’ve been wearing that little dangly earring for a while myself now. 

I love this photo of my great aunt. She looks so stunning and elegant. 

big school bags, like the one Pippi Longstocking keeps her gold coins in.

love the retro look of these photographs. 

family portraits 

family vacation
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