August 13, 2013

#307 | the map room


On our way to a wedding in Guelph we decided to stop by Toronto for a quick 24hr stay. I remember googling something along the lines of “Toronto artsy hotels” just to see what would come up. It quickly became clear that The Gladstone Hotel was the place to be. The Gladstone is a boutique art hotel in a historic victorian building in the artistic district of Toronto on West Queen Street. The hotel has 37 rooms, each designed by a different artist, an old-fashioned elevator, 2 restaurants, 4 event venues and 3 gallery spaces.


Although a hotel as amazing as this one would usually be slightly over my budget we decided to splurge and stay for one night. The hardest part was picking out a room, one more impressive then the next. Obsessed with travel and a map-loving boyfriend we settled on #307, the Map Room.


My favourite part of the room was the crown molding laid out across the walls and ceiling, painted white to blend in with the wall, it displayed a map of the neighbourhood. The headboard stitching continues the flow of the map by outlining the ferry routes and a minimalistic mobile hangs above the bed, pointing at the location of the Gladstone Hotel on the wall (click here to watch quick video by the artist of the room) .


It was pretty neat having a little exhibit on each floor, right outside your room door. Needless to say they also got some awesome branding going on with neat little muffin and coffee order sheets propped on your pillow and beautiful typography across your room key.


I look forward to exploring another room at The Gladstone next time around. Treat yourself to a chill weekend in Toronto and make sure you stay at the Gladstone too!

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October 3, 2013


I had a great time and really liked the design of the room :)

It’s pretty neat, you should definitely stay there if you’re in Toronto.

October 3, 2013


I’d love to stay here sometime!

October 3, 2013



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