January 21, 2014


supaReada Branding. Simple, fast and easy feed reader for android. Designed by Alicia Carvalho, Developed by Print and Pixel | www.alicia-carvalho.com

A few weeks ago I shared this moodboard and said my boyfriend and I were working on our first app. Well, it launched a few days ago and I can actually tell you more about it now! It is called supaReada and…..it’s a feed reader!

Earlier in 2013 when Google Reader shut down we were joking around about how many feed readers would start popping up everywhere and how feedly and bloglovin better be on the top of their game! And shortly after…we decided to tackle it ourselves. Instead of going ahead and copying existing feed readers we went back to basics and thought about how we use feed readers, what settings we like, which options we actually use etc. Big fans of simplicity we decided on our priorities for the app: simple, fast and easy to use with a few flexible options to choose from.

You may notice that the moodboard I shared a few weeks ago doesn’t fully represent supaReada anymore. This project was a good example of how things can change as you are working on them. Just because you have a certain vision in the beginning doesn’t mean it is the best one to follow through with. Although the logo as it is now was developed quite early on the icons and colours changes numerous times. In the end we came back to our core principal for app, simplicity, and scaled back the colour wheel.

Since it is just a two person team working on this there is no desktop version of the app and, at least for the time being, it is only available for android phones. I like to think of it as the perfect app for the on-the-go person who occasionally follows a few feeds while commuting via public transit.

Have you noticed how many apps now ask for your permission to access like 10 different random things on your phone, including private things such as your call history? That ain’t cool. With security and privacy becoming a bigger concern for people we made sure that supaReada is as uninvasive as possible. You don’t need to make an account and the only permissions required are internet access (to fetch blogs) and phone store permission (to store your feed).

Although we love simplicity we are also fans of customizing. We added a few settings you can play with, such as show/hide images, show/hide timestamp, shortened vs full excepts and on/off auto-refresh on start-up. Additional useful features include copy Url, sharing via social media, viewing post in browser, easily add/delete feeds and import your feed list (OPML). We also offer the app in english, german, serbian and croatian. It’s a little obscure but we want to make it accessible to everyone, even non-english speaking folk and are hoping to further grow the language library.

We want this app to be as awesome and useful as possible. We’d super appericiate it if you downloaded the app and gave it a spin. While we are not actually supa-heros we would love to hear your opinion, suggestions, feedback or issues and see how we can improve your experience.

You can download the app in the playstore here.

Happy reading :)

supaReada. Simple, fast and easy feed reader for android. Designed by Alicia Carvalho, Developed by Print and Pixel | www.alicia-carvalho.com

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Okay, I am beyond excited about this!! Congratulations on the app release, Alicia!! How cool is this?! I’ve had just about enough with bloglovin, and I’m loving the simplicity of this! But I can’t find it in the App store? Is it just for samsung? Either way, this made my day!

Hey Victoria! Thank you so much, your comment made me smile :)
Unfortunately, at least for the time being, the app is only for android phones, no iphone :( We are just a two person team and it’s a lot of work. If the app gets some popularity we will definitely sit down and make it happen for iphone too, so spread the word :)

Wow, what an ambitious project. Good for you!

Thanks Sarah, it was very exciting! I love pushing my skills to new levels and gaining further experiences in my field.

This is such a cool idea, well done you!

Just downloaded it – couldn’t resist :) Looks really stylish and so easy to use. Naturally I’ll be following your blog!

Hope it gets the attention it deserves x

Yay, thank you so much for the follow & download. Keep in touch :)

What a beautiful, useful app! I can’t wait to see how this develops for other platforms and devices. Congratulations on the launch!

Thank you so much Jennifer!


I love this. SO much. It’s so clean and lovely. Perhaps this is another reason to get an android…

Thanks Lady!! I know, I almost wish I had an Android phone now….At least I get to use Oskars :)

This is really cool Alicia, I know nothing about app development so I always find it fascinating when someone creates one.

Thanks so much Shayla, it’s a little adventure that’s for sure. If you have an android phone you should totally give it a try!
Btw, Love your little Etsy store :)

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