August 2, 2011

sorry babushka

Saturday I had breakfast with Tiffany. Not breakfast at Tiffany’s, but breakfast with Tiffany.
I fuckin adore that girl. Enough said.
I think we have more in common then I ever realized. Every time I hang out with her I love her more. I think Tiffany and my brain work similar. That’s why we get along so well. Our thoughts are constantly jumping from one random extreme thought to the next, add caffeine to that and our brains go ape-shit ADHD like the Tasmanian devil on crack. She makes me laugh to the point where I cry and sooner or later the conversation gets dirty (“Jam spreads nicely” and “He touched my Mac” suddenly gets thrown into a whole different context).
We talked about weddings and wiener dogs and nerded out talking about design stuff. Besides being a great friend she’s an extremely talented graphic designer. We share a common love for beautiful typography and she’s stunning with colour. This might seem irrelevant but I feel the need to point this out; I tend to struggle with colour when designing things. Colours a tough cookie. Tiffany totally masters colour. Colours Tiffany’s bitch. Sorry colour.
So yes, Saturday Tiff and I went for breakfast. We went to Sorry Babushka on Commercial Drive. Amazing. They had full on bacon/sausage-eggs-toast-hashbrowns for like $4.99. It was amazeballs, so very delicious. Hands-down best breakfast I’ve had in a while. I’m definitely hitting up that menu again in the near future.

commerical drive on a sunny Saturday morning

look it’s a heart! I can make coffee art too

we have twin cameras. they like going on play-dates

lovin Tiffany’s pink bad-ass ring

bacon-eggs-toast-hashbrowns <3

the $4.99 with sausage


I love the bright blue tiles on these tables. Very inspiring. 

outdoor seating was packed but we got a pretty-window seat instead

awesome star-lighting

Babushka is grandmother in russian

zero clouds, only blue skies

she’s one-of-a-kind <3
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Oh my gosh. I have a label of my own?!?!? !<3

Ahhhh, you and Tiff are such pretty ladies! xoxo

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