August 10, 2011


A few weeks ago we made a day trip to Victoria (click here to see more photos). After leaving sunny Vancouver that early morning we caffeinated ourselves on the ferry and finally arrived in cloudy Victoria.
Our journey started with Sidney. Yeah, I went to Sidney. Not Sidney Australia buuuut…close enough.
This is Sidney, Vancouver Island.

Welcome to Sidney

mini version of the sidney opera house

Tracy met many boys on this trip. This scuba-diver was the first. 

I quite like him

lonely sad old man

“Alicia! Take a photo of me!”

diving is dangerous

Farzan went crab-hunting

baby crabs!!

they so cute :)

Tracy’s a goof :)

I dig this photo

obviously love this statue

wiener dog!!!! <3

nice colour and typography (nerd-alert)


This pirates name is Jake. Jake the pirate. 

long hair

my two favourite things: flowers and shoes <3

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