November 23, 2017

Shop Small Business: Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The other day I went to the mall and felt pretty nauseated by it. Too many people, too many sales, too much materialism. With the holidays approaching (cough, Black Friday, cough) I think it's important to think about shopping local and supporting small businesses. It's like that one quote goes "when you support a small business there's a human doing a happy dance for every purchase".

I have so many talented friends who have little online stores and create their own amazing products, the holiday time is perfect for supporting them. I figured I'd put together a little gift guide with a few of my current favourites.

Freelance Warrior Notepad by me!

Being self-employed I often times feel like a freelance worrier instead of warrior. Aiming for the latter I created these tall notepads to make you feel boss as you write down your daily tasks and to-dos. Cause being organized and crossing things off of my to-do list, now that makes me feel like a warrior! Excited to have finally launched my mini etsy store with this notepad, and also a "getting shit done" one.

Solstice Series by Alexa Mazzarello

I am obsessed with all of Alexa's photography work and recently had a chance to design the catalogue for her brand new Solstice Series collection. This is a limited edition collection available until early December so you can get all your holiday orders in. The above solstice print is definitely my favourite and I only wish I had more wall space to buy it for myself!

Nope Tote Bag by Chipper Things

Chipper Things is a super fun online store by my friend Becky Simpson. I have quite a few of her prints hanging throughout my house and select thank you, wedding and birthday cards of her's handy for whenever an event comes up. This "nope" tote is my top pick from the store, it's large and my go-to when I'm heading out of the house. And just because I can't share just one product from Chipper Things, make sure you also check out these amazing modest pinup girl card set.

The Focus Journal

This is a biased pick, since I was the designer behind this product! The Focus Journal is designed to increase productivity and help you achieve your goals while balancing work, happiness and well-being. All journals are currently in production and shipping out in December, just in time for the holidays. Plus, who wouldn't want a brand new task-focused journal to start off the new year as productive and organized as possible?

All The Feels Pin by The Five 15

The Five 15 is another local store and I've bought more products than I'd want to admit from her, both for myself and friends! Her selection of pins, patches, keychains and more make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. I proudly wear my All The Feels pin around town!

Polymer Clay Necklaces by Marlowe

I feel like I don't wear necklaces too much anymore, but my Marlowe Beads piece has been a consistent go-to piece throughout the past year. I love the colour combinations Fiona comes up with and how the necklace can easily be worn to dress up even the plainest of outfits. Perfect for gift giving and I believe she may even make custom orders!

Moon Pages Journal 2018

I didn't mean to post two journals in one gift guide round-up, but when I saw the design for this new moon journal I got kind of excited. I don't really know much about mooon phases or zodiac signs, but I am in luck! This journal is perfect for both the moon-curious and the seasoned moon-enthusiast alike.

Owl Paper Lamps

How cute is this little elephant mama and baby? I have two of the paper lamps myself, a penguin and a turtle, and am super happy with them. Especially during the darker winter days they make my living room feel much livelier. These origami-inspired paper lamps are shipped flat, as DIY kits. Yes, that means you have to put together your own product, but it's super fun and makes it feel extra special.

Nina Y Chico planters by Uno+Ichi

I first discovered Uno+Ichi on instagram and fell in love with their little nina y chico planters, available in two sizes. As an aspiring potter myself I loved the detail the girls were putting into their various products. I also have to say that watching their instagram stories is the best thing ever. The girls are super down to earth, hilarious and silly, with super contagious laughs. Besides recommending their shop I'd say you should definitely follow them on instagram as well.

Handmade Goods by Emma Hands

Just in time for the holidays Emma has launched her little online shop with a bunch of beautiful handmade products. All are either hand-lettered or painted patterns on tea towels, cards, and prints. I'm especially loving the patterned tea towels, they look much nicer than my current ikea ones, plus, you could creatively wrap a present in it! Win win win!

Hope these little online shops inspired you to support small businesses this holiday season. Keep in mind that christmas is right around the corner so you'll want to get your orders in soon. What are some brands that are inspiring you or you are enjoying lately? Where will you be doing your holiday shopping this year?

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