July 2, 2013

scout & catalogue


Scout & Catalogue launched a new collection today! Scout & Catalogue is a local studio creating beautiful bohemian scarfs, clutches and more. Inspired by sunny siestas on mexican beaches this brand has everything you need for your summer.

I am a big fan of graphic designers who design their own collections. Besides creating beautiful products their whole brand is always so clean, simple and put-together. As a graphic designer I judge books by their covers and the recently re-branded scout & catalogue site and blog is right up my alley.



My dream project at the moment would be to collaborate with a product or fashion designer, art direct a shoot and design a look book. I love the possibilities you have with product photography, whether it’s simple poses showing off the products such as in this shoot, or telling a story throughout the look book, re-emphasizing the concept of the collection.


So if you happen to be needing or  know anyone out there who needs a little help putting together a collection or look book give me a shout! I’m spending the summer finishing up several projects and taking on new clients for the fall.

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Oooh I love Scout and Catalogue, such cool and beautiful designs. I think I’ve had one of their clutches on my wishlist for about a year!
You’re right, designing a lookbook would be a really good and fun project! Good luck finding something :)

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