March 20, 2012

særún norén

Særún Norén Black and White Portrait Photography |

After watching the original swedish movies of The Millenium series I stumbled across, Særún Norén, who is Noomi Rapace‘s sister (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Særún Norén is a photographer and I was very impressed with her work, especially her black and white photographs. There is always something really special about good quality black and white portraits, it brings forth so much emotion. It’s almost like without the distraction of colours you get a chance to focus on all the little details and imperfections of a persons face.

Besides being a photographer Særún Norén is also an actress, just like her mom and sister. Shes’ played parts in a few little danish and swedish short films and tv series. Check out more of her photography here.

Noomi Rapace Portrait by her photographer sister Særún Norén |

Særún Norén Portrait Photography |

Særún Norén Portrait and Landscape Photography |

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