April 20, 2013

rika magazine

Rika Magazine

I got really excited when I came across Rika Magazine. It’s a bi-annual magazine based out of Amsterdam focusing on fashion, photography and models, with a slight bohemian edge.

Ex model, stylist, fashion designer and ultra entrepreneur, Ulrika Lundgren and Jacob Wildschiødtz, design director of LOVE magazine, fused their talent and vision creating Rika Magazine. Each issue features fearless, strong and non conformist women in the arts. “Rika looks at women as muses, creators, fighters and lovers in the fields. Each issue picks a theme, which is freely reinterpreted by an array of established and up-and-coming contributors.” Some of those contributors have included Helena Christiansen, Anton Corbijn, Yoko Ono and Milla Jovovich.

Rika Magazine Layout
Rika features a ton of eccentric, yet sleek and sexy type, including a custom typeface and plenty of display faces which change with each issue. The type is accompanied by splashes of lively watercolour and hand rendered elements, giving it that personal journal feel. To emphasize Rika’s diverse inspirations and collections each issue is accompanied by various covers. I am a huge fan of editorial design.

I love bring together type and photography with textual elements in dynamic layouts. Rika is like icing on the cake, the perfect blend between smarts, beauty and edginess in both content and style.
Rika Magazine Covers & Typeography

Unfortunately Rika Magazine doesn’t seem to be available online. While for sale in a number of stores throughout Europe it has yet to reach Canada. I will keep enjoying the beautiful spreads online and keep my eyes open for a chance to get a printed copy. Apparently Barnes & Nobels carry Rika so I will need to hunt a copy down on my text Seattle trip.

Rika Magazine Covers

What are some of your favourite magazines? Do you have any online or print subscriptions?

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April 27, 2013


Great post!

This magazine looks amazing! Love the typographic layouts. Disappointing that it’s not stocked in Canada, though…

I know! I will have to try to get it on my next trip to Seattle…

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