January 31, 2014


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I’m so excited! I now have a board on my pinterest that is for portraits only, the small joy’s in life. Over the holidays I started looking for a bunch of portrait inspiration, as I realized I should really get an updated photo of myself.

Above is a compilation of some of the portraits I’ve come across recently, mostly part of style columns or blogger/designer about pages. Each one of them has stood out to me because it looks ¬†effortless, easy and natural. Staged portraits are so a thing of the past, unless you happen to be in a kindergarden + high school photo sessions (barf). Below are some of my favourite more “artful” and “creative” portraits, the kind that play with light and shadow, colours, props, perspective and more.

I am heading out for a little¬†nature getaway with my BFF this weekend. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain. I will definitely be bringing my camera and use these pictures as inspiration.

All of these photos are on my pinterest board portraits, feel free to follow along.

cretaive and artful Portrait Inspiration | www.alicia-carvalho.com/blog

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This is a really gorgeous collection of portraits! I agree, I think effortless and natural is definitely the best way to go… probably harder to achieve than I’d think though!

Thanks for stopping by Sally! I always find it to be really difficult being in front of the camera, kind of posing, yet trying to look effortless and natural at the same time.

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