June 21, 2011

porto street art


i love street art.
banksy is pretty cool. i guess everybody knows that now. if you haven’t seen exit through the gift shop get on it!! margaret kilgallen is great too. watch beautiful losers everybody. it’s a great documentary. you won’t regret it. trust me. watch it. like right now.
i was going to write a whole paragraph or two on street art here but i just ain’t in the mood for it. all you gotta know is that street art is amazing and portugal is covered in it. sure enough some of it is just tags and big bubbly letters, but there’s also lots of really awesome art out there. it’s so fascinating and impressive to me. i love it. i wish i could have photographed it all. most of it was me seeing it through the backseat window driving through town, so it’s mostly photographed in my brain.
i could probably devote a whole trip to just photographing street art.
next trip to portugal i’m heading out with spray cans and stencils.
that’s right, i’m going to be a street artist.
here’s some street art from porto.











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Hi! Thank you! That would be awesome, I’d love for you to feature my photographs!

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