July 13, 2011

origami herons

origami artist joseph wu made some life size origami herons for the summer live festival last weekend in stanley park. he was looking for someone to photograph the installation process, so i swung by and snapped away. his work is extremely impressive. i’ve previously briefly blogged about him here.
unfortunately it was raining. a lot.
as it usually goes, it stopped raining after i left.

origami herons were put up at brockton oval in stanley park

adding finishing touches to the herons

there was a total of 11 origami herons

volunteers helped out by attaching the strings to the birds

waterproof paint

i got to wear this, it made me feel important

Jim was in charge of getting the herons up

art directing from down below

lots and lots of rain

waterproof paper, quite impressive

Jim struggling to get the heron up high

another heron up and ready to fly

herons in flight

herons under grey skies

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