August 6, 2011

ninja bean

Since I’ve gotten an iphone I’ve been super addicted to instagram. I go crazy with it. I’m constantly taking photos. I’ve noticed that people are always liking the cat photos. Cats are clearly a hit.
So here you go, here’s a blog post about a cat.
I’m not a huge cat person, I prefer dogs. But cats are really starting to grow on me. I am at times slightly intimidated by them, they are very unpredictable. But yes, they are starting to grow on me.
This is Ninja. Ninja Bean. Ninja lives in Penticton and belongs to my cousins. Ninjas pretty cool, I like her. She’s young and playful and just a cool cat to chill out with.¬†
Slightly outdated (Decemeber 2010), this is Ninja.

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August 7, 2011



I love the last picture of cat~the eyes filled with wonder….haha

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