November 14, 2013

moodboard | 8

Moodboard 8. Missing the soft summer greens. |

As I suspected a few weeks ago the busy time is officially here. Between taking on new clients, launching holiday collections and promotions, wrapping up creative collaborations and planning future ones it’s gotten a little crazy. But a good kind of crazy. It’s probably going to get a little more quiet on the blog until the rush of the holidays passes, however after that I will be back with many exciting projects to share.

As I’ve previously confessed I love creating moodboards, especially if they are colour boards like the one above. There’s something so calming about thinking up a colour scheme or theme, looking for the right images and bringing them all together. I find it to be a very relaxing exercise. I call this one “missing the soft summer greens”.

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I love the color palette and the artistic elements to this moodboard. Excited to see more!

Thanks for popping by Cassie :) This moodboard helps me escape the grey winter days.

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