November 1, 2013

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App Design Moodboard |
During my slow late-summer months Oskar and I have been working on our first app. It was more so an experimental project, for me to get some experience designing for mobile and him to explore Android development. Yes, unfortunately it is only an Android app for the time being (getting your app in the App store is more expensive so we are holding off). The app is a simplified idea of something that is already out there. Yes, being a little secretive, don’t want to reveal it quite yet!

The above moodboard was our direction for the look and feel of the app. I spent a lot of time exploring icon design, various colour schemes and many different apps that are already out there. This is actually a good example of a moodboard where the direction of the design ended up slightly changing down the road, therefore not fully representing the above anymore.

We’re currently fixing the last few glitches and adding a few more design elements to launch before 2014 gets here. Stay tuned for more :)

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