July 31, 2013

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purple moodboard

I’m having one of those afternoons. You know, the one’s where you stare at your to-do list and can’t decide which project you should tackle first. And then instead of actually getting started you feel unmotivated and distracted by every teeny tiny little thing. I decide to give myself a little break and made a colour moodboard. I’m not a huge lilac/purple fan, however I’ve been working on this promotion + this pinterest contest for the past few weeks so…I kinda got my head stuck in the lavender fields.

How do you give your brain a little break?

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I don’t normally go for purples either but this moodboard is lovely! Love the pop of green.
I find it pretty difficult to give my mind a break when I’m at the computer, I need to stick my head in a book for that :)

I guess I should add that before I made that moodboard I went for a quick walk outside. That really helps the most :)

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