May 5, 2014

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Pacific Northwest Moodboard |

I am so excited about this new project I am working on right now! A local business who recently went through a re-brand is in need of a new website and I have the honour of designing and developing it for them! I am taking on less development projects this year, allowing me to focus more on the design process, however when the right project comes around I am happy to get my face buried in a little bit of CSS.

It can be a little challenging when you are supposed to design a website for a company who already has their branding in place. Luckily I am super in love with this new logo my client has and the direction she is heading into and am very excited to further built on it.

Since the client just recently went through a re-brand she handed me over the previous designers moodboard. I contemplated not creating a moodboard for this projects since I technically already had one, however I soon realized that the simple act of creating a moodboard is very much part of my process. Searching for just the right images to include in the moodboard really helps me solidify the relationship with the project. It’s like the process of creating the moodboard are the first few dates and after those all go smoothly you are ready to commit to the relationship, aka move forward with the design.

I have just gotten started on the first design mock-ups for this new website so the relationship is still fresh :) For now all I will share about this project is the above pacific-northwestern-vibe moodboard.

Some of the above photography is by Tomasz Wagner, one of my favourite local photographers, who served as a very big inspiration for the look and feel of this project. 

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Definitely portrays modern simplicity!

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