May 3, 2011

media club


after attending yet another successfully inspirational night of pecha kucha at the vogue theater i headed over to the media club for a leave the lion show.

they were the last of four bands so by the time they went on that thursday night everyone was on their way home. i’ve had the chance to shoot a few of their shows now and i think this last one was the best one yet. they have so much fun when performing, a feeling i’m hoping gets somewhat reflected in the photographs. besides playing some of the adam rosenthal band tracks they have started introducing a lot of the new leave the lion material and i’m loving it.

here’s a few shots from the show. i’m pretty happy with the results. lyell seems to always be at the back, hidden in the dark, which makes it hard to get good photos, but i got some pretty sweet shots of him this time! and taylor, who usually stands under perfect lighthing conditions was in the dark this time.
that’s concert photography for you, but i think i’m slowly getting the hang of it.


DSC_0496 1


DSC_0320 1







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