June 19, 2013

makin’ plans


I came across these paintings by Esther Stewart yesterday and they immediately made me dream about summer. I especially love the muted summer colour palette going on in the first one. Her work is characterized by the careful balance of geometric shapes. She plays with perspective using colour and form to produce the illusion of space and depth on her otherwise flat work surface.


Funny enough Esther’s upcoming show is titled “Makin’ Plans”, which I have been full of in the past few days! We’re already halfway though June and I feel like I haven’t done many summer activities, however I am busy planning a few day trips, weekend get-aways and even a special vacation to a far-away place. I won’t give everything away quite yet :)

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sounds good to me, i’m hoping to book a far-away trip towards the end of the year, once me course is finished! can’t wait!
Really love the colour palettes in these pieces!

Ooh, those are pretty. I love the colors.

I agree with Sally! I haven’t really made any summer plans, as I’m moving next month and saving my money for that. Oh well, I’ll be happy to be in a new, bigger place!

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