March 2, 2013

la vittoria

La Vittoria hosts anual gourmet gala events to raise money for various charities. For the past four years lg2boutique has been taking over the design, creating invitations, menus, program books and translating the design to chef aprons and more.

La Vittoria Event branding |

I came across the design of the 2012 event, hosted at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and was blown away. The diamond shape plays an important role in the Ritz decorations so it was used as a base for the branding and carried throughout all the elements so perfectly.

La Vittoria booklet design |

I love the Jessica Hische Daily Drop Cap like letters and the way they’ve been incorporated into the foldout, apron and little, delicate and elegant patterns.

beautifully designed Drop Caps for La Vittoria |

Design details for La Vittoria |

The use of typography in this is perfect. Not scared to go big with the Bodoni it’s clean, yet bold giving the pages a really prestigious presence. The colours also feel spot-on, delicate and delicious, reminiscent of an italian gelato parlour.

Cover Design details for La Vittoria |

Pattern and layout details for La Vittoria |

I am so in love with the usage of the diamond shape throughout the pages. Make sure to check out the work lg2boutique did for La Vittoria in previous years, as it is also branding design at it’s finest.

Layout for La Vittoria Booklet |

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seriously gorgeous branding, the typography is so perfect, and i also love the way the diamond has been used. nice find!

I know, I love it so much. It’s so amazing when a concept is carried out so consistently and amazing in such a large variety of ways.

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