August 23, 2011

kindergarden visit

Kids are awesome.
On my recent trip home I went to my old elementary school. It’s this gigantic old residential building which was transformed into a school; big class rooms, old staircases. From the outside it always kinda looked a little bit like the Villa-Kunterbunt in which Pippi Longstocking lives. It was weird going back because although from the outside the school looked the same, from the inside it had been completely ripped apart and re-built. It looks nice now. It’s all modern looking and more like an actual school. It looks lighter and bigger. It’s nice. But I’d rather preserve the memory I have of it from 10 years ago when I was a tiny little shy girl sitting in those big classrooms.
My mom is a kindergarden teacher at the school. I think it’s a pretty awesome job. Kids are great. They are so funny and so smart! One morning I went and visited them with my camera and snapped away. I had fun. It was so much fun to see the kids reactions to the camera and me. Some of them would shyly look over and hide, whereas others came right up to me and stated chatting it up.
Here’s a few of the many photos I took. More to follow soon.

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