August 15, 2011

hello toast

My last morning in Kamloops Andy&I went to Hello Toast for breakfast.
I love toast. How could I not love a place called Hello Toast? It was pretty amazing. It’s on my top 10 favorite breakfast places.
Andy had the french toast with a side of sausage and I had the pleasure toast (cranberry french toast) with a side of bacon. It was indeed a pleasure toast, so delicious.
I must add that this was also the same day as Peter’s birthday. Peter and I share a common love for toast (and the movie Garden State). If we could we’d probably eat 100 pieces of toast a day, toasted of course (toasted toast is the way to go). We would probably eat toast for every meal. Or just eat it all the time without stopping. But then we’d get fat. (It’s true, Scott Pilgrim was shocked too, check it out)

breakfast at Hello Toast


french toast with a side of sausage

cranberry pleasure toast with cranberry sauce and a side of bacon

sunny downtown Kamloops

energizing coffee for the upcoming roadtrip

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