December 21, 2014

happy holidays 2014

Happy Holiday Cards 2014. I really enjoyed designing these simple type-based cards with a subtle muted winter colour scheme. Luxe cards by Moo |

Happy Holidays!

Every year I tell myself I am going to make holiday cards and actually sent them out and every year…well…it doesn’t happen. A few weeks ago I found myself with an unusual slow day in the middle of the week. It coincided with a great sale over at moo, so really, I had no reason to skip out on cards this year. I know I wanted to do something simple with type. After trying out a few different variations I quickly came up with a few winners, a favourite being the little christmas-tree-hierarchy. I am not a huge holiday person so I didn’t want to go crazy with the whole red/green/gold/silver colour scheme. I came up with a clean palette of cold snowy blue and light subtle green. I really like how it says winter and holidays without the overpowering christmas colours.

I got these guys printed on the nice thick luxe paper and the quality was great. It’s such a sturdy card which beautifully compliments the light colours.

Excited at the thought of snail mail I tacked on a bunch of bright colourful round stickers to my order. You can see them below. It’s such a quick and easy little touch that adds so much fun to your mailbox.

I’m already looking forward to next years cards! If all goes according to plan I may even have a few for sale at that point :)

Happy Holidays guys!

Fun and bright round stickers to liven up your snail mail. Stickers by Moo |

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