November 1, 2013


foliophoto favourites |

Today is the last day of #foliophoto, a little creative instagram challenge put together by Sandra from Rain Coast Creative Salon and Christie of Bedsidesign. For everyday in October they selected a new word that you could go creatively wild with and interpret in your own way, by snapping a little photo, posting it on Instagram and hashtagging it #foliophoto.

This particular challenge felt extra inspiring. I loved the idea of having a creative task every day that was quick and easy and didn’t take much effort. Plus the rewards were instant! It was so much fun getting feedback and comments from other participants, as well as scrolling through the feed to see what everybody else came up with.

Below are a few of my favourite pictures I took throughout the month. If you want to see more of my pictures you can scroll through my Instagram feed or see everybody’s by going through #foliophoto.

Big thank you to you two lovely ladies for putting this simple little challenge of creativity and happiness together :)

foliophoto favourites |


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Oh I’m so thrilled we were able to connect because of this! I love that you said it didn’t take much effort – we wanted it to be that way! It’s been great seeing the variety of photography styles, prompts and filters over the past month. It truly made my October spectacular! :)

Sometimes you need that little something that challenges you creatively but is quick and easy and has immediate rewards! There was no excuses to “miss a day” of the challenge :)

I love all the different types of creatives AND photos that they shot. Supah inspired. And everyone was so generous with their comments and viewing of each other’s photos. Yay!

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