November 8, 2013

flight tags

Neil Stevens Flight Tag Posters: Stockholm |

Earlier this year I came across Neil Stevens minimalistic poster series inspired by old airline luggage tags. The fact that I still think of them and reference them in project moodboards (see here) just goes to show how much I love them. Each poster displays beautiful typography featuring the iconic three-letter abbreviations of various cities. The colour schemes are simple and the designs are full of little unique icon and typography details. By avoiding logos Neil Stevens has transformed these luggage tags into bold graphic posters.

He  also sells a limited edition in his online shop. I may need to grab one if I travel to any of the cities available for purchase as a little souvenir. I love buying souvenirs however the tourist shops are always so full of cheesy and cheap-looking merchandise. I am starting to seek out local art when visiting new cities, avoiding the usual tourist merchandise, or even deciding to purchase something special such as these posters after returning home.

See below my selection of cities I hope to visit in the near future :)

Neil Stevens Flight Tag Posters |

Neil Stevens Flight Tag Posters: San Francisco |

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I’ve always adored this project, It’s so simple and clean while executing the purpose. Great type is always admired by me.

This is really nice and I’ve not seen them before. These would be awesome to have hanging largely in your house if you’ve been there before or something. Really nice :)

This reminds me of a local clothing company in Philly called Pilot & Captain. I like to travel but I don’t like flying at all… These make it feel more fun though!

Nice! I hadn’t heard of Pilot & Captain. Just popped over there and love their products, thanks for introducing them :)

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