July 19, 2011

ferry times

last week we did a day-trip to victoria. by we i mean me and a bunch of people from work. it was a random little group but it was so much fun.
i’m going to start off with photos from the end of our trip, ferry ride back to vancouver.
why? i don’t know…i just feel like it.

ferries are dangerous

african people are beautiful

farnoosh is beautiful. so very beautiful. 

random skater boy playing his guitar on the deck

i love reflections….

family picture!!


she noticed i was photographing her…

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July 19, 2011


I see talent and passion. that’s all you need!!
I love the 3rd (from top) and I would add the guy outside from the 3rd (from bottotm) to the 6th (from the bottom) in photoshop. The fugacity of the aethernal moment is made more intense with her focusing on the book while the guy ghostly moves.

good point with the girl focusing on the book and the guy ghostly walking by outside. besides colour correcting and whatnot i don’t like photoshopping images too much but i might give it a try.

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