March 14, 2012

featured: wine labels

I’m excited to say that The Dieline has featured my wine bottle label designs. It was a school project from when I was attending the Art Institute of Vancouver. You can read and view more about it on my portfolio.

Featured on the Dieline | Tools Wine Label Design by Alicia Carvalho

The concept design is for a Vineyard by the name of 31º, who wanted to attract a new target audience; young men in their early twenties. A sexual theme was used in a discreet and subtle way. Sex is respresented through three red wines: Nailed, Screwed and Drilled. 31º Vineyard explores the widest possible technical palette, using both ancestral and ultra modern techniques in the creation of their wine. By breaking away from the orthodox ways, it creates an extraordinary experience in the creation and the pleasure of savoring the wine.

The typography on the labels was inspired by the Dada style, implying the rejection of logic and values by going with your senses and exploring casual sex. Therefore, the wine is foremost a sensual experience, not an intellectual one. Big typography is spread onto the labels, both horizontal and vertically using big, bold sans-serifs and modern typefaces to create freedom of expression; the unexpected. To compliment the design cut-out photographs of the tools are laid out onto the type.

Dada Inspired Wine Label Design by Alicia Carvalho

I gotta say it was a pretty tricky project and concept to explore. I always feel nervous showing it during interviews; some clients think it’s awesome, whereas others give me weird looks due to it’s very sexual concept and carefully listen as I explain.

Originally the wine bottles where packaged in a bag made out of condom packages, which where spray painted in bright yellow colours (inspired by Safe Sax). After being displayed in the schools hallway for a few days I was asked to take it home because it sent mixed/wrong messages (aka get wasted and get laid). Additionally someone had ripped one of the condoms off. Better to be safe then sorry and have protected sex, however destroying someone’s artwork is not a cool move.

Typography Wine Label Design by Alicia Carvalho

I apologize if I offend anyone with these wine labels and hope you enjoy and appreciate it’s play on words and thought-out concept.

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