May 2, 2011


this weekend i got to hang out with two amazing friends. two women i admire and look up to. this pretty lady is one of them, shawna manske.

i had the chance to work with shawna for a few months. tho the job wasn’t the most exciting it was always great to have her around. she’s creative, inspirational and ambitious and works hard to make all her dreams come true. she’s gone overseas to teach little korean kids english and has traveled to pretty much any cool exotic place you can think of. shes super outdoorsy and sporty and always full of positive energy. later this summer shes getting married to her amazing fiancee matt and later next year they are opening up their own business (stay tuned cause once they get it all up and running i’ll be blogging about it. i don’t want to hype it up but it’s going to kick-ass).

shawna and i went for a deliciously huge pancake&french toast breakfast. after we went back to her
and matt’s loft in gastown. their place is awesome. its probably the coolest place to live in in all of vancouver. besides being a loft (which already gives it 10 bonus points) it has a beautiful view of downtown and tons of cool amenities like a recording studio, a dark room, a pottery room and a
wood workshop.

and last but not least i got a bunch of doggie kisses from dachshund ella and max. they are the cutest dogs. i’ve always loved big dogs but i’m in love with these two. so much that i hope to get my own little sausage dog in the (possibly near) future. max is a hyper little one with ears as big as his body. and ella…well, ella is ella. shes sooo tiny, and shy but sweet and loving.

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