September 17, 2013

eau de parfum


I’m finally getting around to sharing some new work! The project had a very short deadline and had to come together very quickly. It meant a lot to me since 10% of the profits of this eau de parfum are donated to a safe house here in Vancouver, which helps women recover who have been caught in the human trafficking trade.

It was also a special project since I got to work on the whole campaign this time; from the labels on the bottles to the way they were displayed in stores and the whole marketing strategy behind the product. Stay tuned as I share more details on the marketing side of the campaign (which was inspired by this moodboard).

In case you are wondering, yes, the perfumes smell amazing. Grace is my favourite with its musky Cedarwood and fresh Lily scent. Hope is also pretty delicious with a scent combination of sweet Vanilla and citrusy Bergamot.

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September 21, 2013


I’m in love with the color scheme & that pattern. Did you design the boxes for the perfumes as well?

September 21, 2013


Thanks! And yes, I designed the whole thing :)

September 23, 2013


I adore the pattern Alicia, it’s so so nice!

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